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Coleman Primary Schools Governing Body


Our Chair of Governer's is Mr Abdishakur Tarah.

Mr Tara works for the Aqoon school home support service which delievers joint complementary classes with the school. He is also on the governing body of Abbey Primary School.

He is a member of the schools standards committee, finance committee and is the designated Child protection governor, he is a Co-opted governor.

Mr Tara has 4 years in office (until September 2018)


  • Vice Chair - Mr Steve Clayton.

Mr Clayton works for the Leicester City Council - Disabled childrens services. A Co-opted governor.

He is a  member of the schools Finance Committee, including staffing, resources and performance management, also a member of the Pupil Discipline Committee, he is a member of the Standards Committee, a Complaints Governor, a member of the Quality of Leadership and Management group and also the schools Link Governor for ICT.

Position started 1995. Term of office expires April 2019.


  • Mrs Lehal is a parent governor.

Position started 2010. Term of office expires May 2020.


  • Mrs Samgi is a parent governor.

Term of office expires November 2019


  • Dr Ivan Waddington is a Local Authority governor.

Dr Waddington is a retired university teacher. Currently a visiting professor at the university of Chester and the Norwegian school of sport science in Oslo.

Term of office expires October 2020.


  • Mrs A Nana is a Co-opted governor.

 Is a member of the finance committee

Position started Nov 2015. Term of office expires March 2019.


  • Mr Nick Devonport is a Co-opted governor.

Position started 2017. Term of office expires March 2021


  • Sadia Chaudary is a Parent governor.

Position started May 2016. Term of expires May 2020


  • Mr Bruen (Head teacher)


  • Mrs Hill is a Staff governor.

Mrs Hill is the schools Foundation Stage leader and Assistant Head teacher.

Term of office expires April 2022.


  • Clerk to the governors - Mrs G Grimes



Governors who has resigned over the past 12 months


Mrs A Ali Resigned October 2017

Mrs G Bakrania Resigned October 2017



Register of business and pecuniary interest forms are completed by governors annually and kept in the school office and is available on request. 


An attendance record of full governing body and committee meetings is also kept in the school office and is available on request. 





Finance Committee - Chair of is Steve Clayton


Health and Safety Committee - Chair of is A Tarah.


Standards Committee - Chair of is A Tarah.





All Governors

Health and Safety

Abdish Tarah, Ivan Waddington


Anisa Nana, Abdish Tarah, Steve Clayton, Nigel Bruen


Document for the eligibility for parent governor elections.