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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Mr N Bruen - Head Teacher (designated safeguarding lead)


Mrs J Cassiano - Deputy Head Teacher (designated safeguarding lead)


Mrs V Khushalbhai - Assistant Head Teacher & SENCO (designated safeguarding lead)


Mrs R Pickard - Assistant Head Teacher & Year 6 Teacher, Maths Coordinator 

(designated safeguarding lead)


Mrs W Hill - Assistant Head Teacher & Foundation Stage Teacher/phase leader and Acting KS1 phase leader


Mrs N Bruce -Foundation Stage c/o Phase Leader and Nursery Teacher


Mrs E Harrison - Foundation Teacher


Mrs S Maclachlan - Foundation Teacher


Mrs P Houghton - Foundation Teacher


Mrs J Allen - Year 1 Teacher


Mrs R Aswat - KS1 Assistant Phase Leader and Year One Teacher


Mrs P Hicks - Year 1 Teacher


Mrs K Little - Year 1 Teacher


Mr H Gawera - Key stage 1 Assistant Phase Leader and Year 2 Teacher


Mrs K Johal - Year 2 Teacher


Mrs J Lawrence - Year 2 Teacher


Mrs G Lewis - Lower Key Stage 2 Assistant Phase Leader and Year 3 Teacher


Mrs M Mistry - Year 3 Teacher


Mrs N Webb - Year 3 Teacher


Mr D Clifford - Year 3 Teacher


Mrs  R Easton - Year 4 Teacher  Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Leader


Miss N Vadher - Year 4 Teacher


Mrs Hoonjan - Year 4 Teacher


Mrs S Porritt - Upper Key Stage 2 Assistant Phase Leader, Lead practitioner for English and Year 5 Teacher


Mrs H Bhamra - Year 5 Teacher


Mr A Freeman - Year 5 Teacher


Mr N Lowe - Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Leader and Year 6 Teacher


Miss N Desai - Year 6 Teacher


Mrs A Wilkes - PPA Cover Teacher


Mr P Wrigglesworth - Intervention Teacher


Support staff

Mrs J  Kirkup - HLTA


Mrs J Ellson - HLTA


Mrs N Tranter - HLTA


Mrs B Yasir - HLTA


Mrs B Raia -HLTA


Miss K Mistry- HLTA


Miss J Patel - HLTA


Miss A Sethi - HLTA


Mrs D Myles - Cover Supervisor


Mrs E Francis - Teaching Assistant


Mrs S Bader -Teaching Assistant


Mrs L Harper - Teaching Assistant


Mrs S Tatler - Teaching Assistant


Mrs S Isap - Teaching Assistant


Mrs S Datoo - Teaching Assistant


Mrs Talsmat - Teaching Assistant


Miss R Sumra - Teaching Assistant


Ms L Joseph - Learning & behaviour Support Mentor


Mr C Champanery - EMAG Co-ordinater


Mrs D Patel - EMAG Teaching Assistant


Mr P Hodges - ICT Technician


Mr M Howell - Business Manager


Mrs T Lowth - Administration Officer


Mrs S Lad - Administration Officer


Miss K Baker - Administration Officer


Mrs A Mururajani - Administration Officer


Mrs B Patel - Bursar


Mr C Smith - Premises Officer


Mr S Walton - Premises Officer