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Year 6: 2014-2015

Welcome to Year 6!
We have three year 6 classes at Coleman:


6F - Miss Fanneran       6H - Mrs Hodges     6L - Mr Lowe

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Young Mathematician of the Year 2014.


Four of our year 6 children went to this competition. They were Myne Rana, Mikaeel Chunara, Sumayyah Nadhir, Zainab Sidat. They reached the regional final having won the first round. I’ll let them explain.

‘The young mathematician competition was challenging and made you think in depth. However at the same time it was enjoyable as we learnt new things and met new people. In the first round we had to organise 32 display boards that were suitable for all teacher’s requests. Surprisingly ,the second round was easier. We had to see how many arrangements we could make with 16 dice and it had to follow the rules.’

Well done to all four children, they were a credit to the school.


May, Month of Maths


Leicester City schools have got together with the Leicester City Library service to have a special focus on maths for the month of May. The libraries will be creating special areas in each library with Books, DVDs, internet access and other interesting and exiting resources all related to maths. In addition to this there will also be dedicated help sessions in each library to help children and young people with homework, revision, class work etc....

To find out more information please read the attached posters.