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At Coleman all children have a set of age related expectations that they  work towards in reading, writing and maths. These expectations are referred to as Bands. Children are given reading, writing and maths targets based on the band working towards. If a child is 'on track' they will be working on the same Band as year group (i.e an on track year 5 child will be working on Band 5 statements). Each Band is separated into 6 categories; beginning, beginning+, within, within+, secure and secure+. For a child to be on track at the end of the year. They must be achieving at within+ or above. 


Children are continually assessed against the objectives they are working towards. The school has an assessment week at the end of every half term. During this time children may sit a range of tests or work in small groups with teachers to check how they are progressing. Children's work is then moderated by the school English and Maths Coordinators.


Below are the targets/statements that the children have to meet for each band in reading, writing and maths.


The school Assessment policy and Principles of Assessment can be found on the policies page of the website.