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Welcome to the Autumn term (2019-2020).


I am pleased to inform you of the winning classes, for week ending 29th November 2019, who will receive the 'Attendance Gnome' trophies along with a certificate. Please visit the foyer where you will see these trophies on display.


EYFS Winner: F1(AM) - Congratulations to the children and Mrs Bruce

KS1 winner: 2A -  Congratulations to the children and Mrs Allen

KS2 winner: 4V -  Congratulations to the children and Miss Vadher


Mrs Cassiano   

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Term time absences.

It is a statutory requirement for all schools to attain attendance levels set by the Government. Coleman Primary School's attendance target this year is 96%. However the aim is for all individual pupils to have 100% attendance.


If a child’s attendance falls below 90% they will be deemed a Persistent Absentee. See policy attached for full details.


Coleman Primary School bands its pupils attendance as below:

100% - outstanding

98.01% - 99.9% (with no unauthorised absence) excellent

96.01% - 98% (with no unauthorised absence) good

90.01% - 96% concerns or requires improvement

90% and under - persistent absentee




Impact on Learning

Impact on Learning  1


Frequent lateness can add up to a considerable amount of learning lost and can obviously disadvantage your child.

If you are this many minutes late every day

You will lose this many days of learning a year

5 minutes

3.4 days

10 minutes

6.9 days

15 minutes

10.3  days

20 minutes

13.8 days

25 minutes

20.7 days