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Attendance Information

Welcome to the new academic year (2019-2020). We are delighted to inform you that the children have settled into school well and their learning journeys have begun. It is important your child attends regularly as not to miss crucial learning opportunities.


I am pleased to inform you of the winning classes who will receive the 'Attendance Gnome' trophy along with a certificate. Please visit the foyer where you will see this trophy on display in our award's trophy cabinet.


For week ending: Friday 4th October 2019


Infants winner: 2J - Congratulations to the children and Mrs Johal


Juniors winner: 5P -  Congratulations to the children and Mrs Porritt   

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Term time absences.

It is a statutory requirement for all schools to attain attendance levels set by the Government. Coleman Primary School's attendance target this year is 96%. However the aim is for all individual pupils to have 100% attendance.


If a child’s attendance falls below 90% they will be deemed a Persistent Absentee. See policy attached for full details.


Coleman Primary School bands its pupils attendance as below:

100% - outstanding

98.01% - 99.9% (with no unauthorised absence) excellent

96.01% - 98% (with no unauthorised absence) good

90.01% - 96% concerns or requires improvement

90% and under - persistent absentee




Impact on Learning

Impact on Learning  1


Frequent lateness can add up to a considerable amount of learning lost and can obviously disadvantage your child.

If you are this many minutes late every day

You will lose this many days of learning a year

5 minutes

3.4 days

10 minutes

6.9 days

15 minutes

10.3  days

20 minutes

13.8 days

25 minutes

20.7 days