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Music Opportunities at Coleman


Coleman Guitar Club has been running since September 2013 and is aimed at children who are currently learning to play this instrument with the peripatetic teachers; however any child with a guitar and some enthusiasm are welcome. Children receive extra tuition on their classical pieces but also practice using chords for more popular tunes. Some guitarists who cannot make the after school club attend orchestra.


In orchestra, children who are learning instruments with peripatetic teachers (guitar, flute, violin), come to practice their instruments aiming towards a termly performance. Children are encouraged to play with other members of the orchestra as duets, trios and other ensembles. This takes place on Thursday morning.


The choir takes place on a Tuesday morning, it is well attended with around 50 or 60 members at a time. The children generally work on songs which follow a chosen school theme. The last performance before Christmas was highly praised by John Ashworth MP.


Children who reach a high enough standard are encouraged to join the City Primary Orchestra which is currently in embryonic form.


We offer peripatetic lessons in guitar and violin for children in years 3 and above, lessons are £4.00 a lesson and are payable each term. Please ask the office for more information.