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School Closure

Coleman Primary Temporary Closure From Tuesday 5th January 2021.


  • As you will be aware the current Covid 19 infection rate has risen markedly and the new variant has complicated issues.


  • As a school we will not be able to open to pupils on Tuesday 5th January, as planned. We will not have enough staff to ensure that pupils will both be taught and safe on site.


  • Learning for KS1 and 2 pupils will now move online. More information about this is available later in the Newsletter.


  • Work packs will be provided for Nursery and Reception children and information about the collection (and return) of this also provided later in the Newsletter.


  • The school will be offering face to face (in school teaching) for vulnerable children, but the school will be contacting these to organise this.


  • The school will also be in contact with Key worker families from the previous lockdown to offer face to face teaching to these children too.


  • If you are a Key worker now, who was not on the list, or who has not been contacted, please call the school to organise a place for your child.


Please accept our apologies for the short notice of these changes. We anticipate a review of this closure in two weeks time (for Monday 18th January) but we hope to re-open fully as soon as possible.






Coleman Primary School – Home learning and Google Classrooms guide.


In the event of children having to isolate for a period of time, these are our expectations for online learning:


  • Work will be set by class teachers for 8:30 am and the children will be expected to have the work scheduled for that day completed by 3:00 pm.  It is very important that children keep to the 8:30 – 3:00 time table as isolation periods are not classed as a holiday, rather as part of the normal working school week.
  • Log in to Google Classroom (instructions have been sent out with this letter and are available on the school website).
  • Click on “Classwork”.  Daily assignments for each group/class can be accessed here.
  • There will be a piece of English (either reading, writing or grammar) and a piece of Maths plus one other subject each day. 
  • The work set will follow on from topics started in class as far as possible and will follow the year group’s long term curriculum planning.
  • Each task will include instructions for what to do and an element of teaching.  This will usually be written instruction or a link to a short video/audio clip to explain a new idea. 
  • There will also be an activity (usually a PDF document or Google Doc) for the children to attempt.  Instructions for what to do will be included with the assignment.
  • We do not expect you to print out worksheets- work should be completed by typing onto the document slide included with the assignment.
  • Pupils accessing work via tablet or phone will need to download an app before being able to type work onto the Google Doc.  Instructions for how to do this will automatically appear on your device when the Google Doc is opened.
  • Pupils’ work should be typed onto the Google Document uploaded with the assignment instructions.  This should then be submitted for marking when complete by clicking on the “Turn In” button on the document.
  • Pupils will be able to message their teacher (or another member of staff) for help throughout the day by sending a comment attached to the assignment or by direct email. Responses may be delayed due to staff responding to other queries.
  • Pupils’ responses need to be submitted for marking by 3:00 pm that day or teachers will not be able to mark it.
  • Once marked, work will be returned so corrections and improvements can be made by the pupil.
  • Pupils who do not return daily learning may be checked up on by phone call during the isolation period.
  • Work submitted after 3:00 pm will not be marked due to time constraints.
  • Pupils not returning daily work in all subjects will fall behind in their learning and this will need to be made up for on returning to school during playtimes and lunchtimes.


Collection of Foundation Stage Work Packs:


  • These will be available to collect from tomorrow afternoon. Staff will be available in the tents nearest the road.


  • 1.00pm – 2.00pm – Parents of Honeybees and Nursery pupils.


  • Please move to the barriers, remember to wear facemasks, and staff will approach you.


  • 2.00pm-3.00pm – Parents of Ladybirds and Caterpillar pupils.


  • Please can parents collect packs – Not friends or relatives.


  • If you need to arrange a pick up later in the week please contact the school office.


  • Foundation teachers can be contacted via the emails provided in the packs.


Yours sincerely


N Bruen

Head Teacher