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Online Safety at Coleman Primary



The DSL who leads online safety  at Coleman Primary is our Deputy Head Teacher, Mrs Cassiano. Our safeguarding policy and curriculum ensures pupils are taught how to keep themselves safe when online. Our teachers create a safe space for children to share their online experiences with them.


Our aim is not to deter our children from exploring and experimenting with the online world and technology. We want our pupils to positively engage in, and enjoy the online world and technology whilst ensuring they have a strong understanding of the risks and challenges creating confident users.




Important documentation:



School Council's Online Safety Assembly - Spring 2020

Parent information:


Please support us in keeping our pupils safe online by:


- Attending Coleman's online safety workshops (annually for updates)

- Talking to your children regularly regarding their usage of online devices

- Checking recommended age guidance for apps/games.

- Discuss, as a family, whether or not you consider your child is old enough to use online devices as a communication tool

- Create a safe space for your children to talk about their online experiences

- If your child experiences a conflict online consider the following:


  • Take a snapshot of any inappropriate comments or images sent as evidence.

  • Show this to any adults who are responsible for the child - if a child is in your care 

  • Bring this information to our attention for further advice. If the message is from one of their school peers we will investigate and use our behaviour policy to manage it. DO NOT approach a parent or attempt to reply to the message

  • If the conflict is with someone your child does not know, who is not a pupil at our school, still let us know as we can support you with this

  • Have regular conversations with your child about how to have safe and respectful conversations online. Children will have conflicts with their peers, together we need to teach the children how to manage these respectfully without using online platforms.


Useful websites parents can use to learn about how 'together' we can keep our children safe online: