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  • Meetings 4/10/19 and 11/10/19 – These discussed two of the findings from the June 2019 Pupil Survey.:


  • a) ‘Behaviour is good at my school’ – 69% saw this as a strength, 34% thought it was good sometimes and 6% thought it was never good. This was discussed at the first meeting and the findings of the group chimed with those of last years’ council. This was, and still is, the small and irritating issues that annoy children the most. A set of posters was created last year and it was decided that these will be displayed around the school (examples of the posters are attached to show what those issues are). The intent was to continue to raise the % of children who felt behaviour was good all the time. This had, in light of the 2018 and 2019 surveys significantly risen over the last year. 2018 saw 56% agreeing and 14% disagreeing.


  • b) ‘I enjoy school’ – 69% agreed, 26% said they did ‘sometimes’ and 5% disagreed. NB asked the councillors to find out what the key issues were that meant 26% only enjoyed it sometimes. The key aspects were that many of the children did not feel listened to by the lunchtime supervisors and that  (and this was particularly brought back by some of the older female councillors) the boys felt unfairly treated by the lunchtime Supervisors. This in turn has led to training being provided for the lunchtime staff and the council will be canvassing their constituents again at the end of the spring term to see if a change has been detected.


  • Meetings at the end of October and early November were tied into ‘UK Parliament Week’     ( https://www.ukparliamentweek.org/ ) which took place in the week 4th to 8th November. The Councillors were divided into two groups and picked a short animated film to lobby for after which there was an election. The 6 lower KS2 councillors, in two groups (mixed Y3-4) made the case for their respective films in the LKS2 assembly in that week (‘SOAR’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUlaseGrkLc  and ‘CATCH IT’  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c88QE6yGhfM ) and the 6 upper KS2 councillors did the same in the UKS2 assembly. This was without any child seeing any of the films. During the Thursday afternoon there was a full secret ballot (with ballot slips and ballot boxes) carried out across all the Y3 - 6 classes. There were also other discussions of democracy and Parliament during the week. The results were that 338 ballots were cast: SOAR – 136 votes, CATCH IT – 169 votes with 33 spoiled papers. The winner was CATCH IT and this was shown in the KS2 Assembly on the Friday after the Council declared the results of the election.


  • The whole council carried out a KS2 Anti Bullying Assembly on Friday 22nd November 2019.



  • The Council are currently working on an Assembly to explain the importance of internet safety to their peers and this will be delivered on Friday 6th March.